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Life Care Programs

Family Home Care

Life PNG Care runs a modest care facility for a small amount of the most vulnerable children and youth identified in the community. Most of the children in care have lost both their parents or have been living rough on the streets since a young age having been disconnected from their family home or wantoks. Children identified as young as 6 or 7years of age needing advocacy and rehabilitation are sheltered, fed, clothed and given protection. Sometimes weekends see Family Care Home with up to 70 homeless youth drop in for a meal and a sheltered night’s sleep. Having a point of reference and a sense of belonging in their lives means all the difference to the developing child.

Group of kids and friends posing at the Life PNG Care compound
Family Home Care – Strongim Pikinini

Street Children and Street Beat

Port Moresby is burgeoning with a steady migration of people coming to the city to settle looking for an income and education with a view to creating a stable livelihood for themselves and their families. Thousands of children and youth suffer as a result and many become disconnected and are forced to live on the streets. Many turn to crime just to survive – idleness their day to day reality. In an effort to help relieve their stress Life PNG Care has identified groups of street kids who have been separated from family support or supervision. ‘Street beat’ type assistance is offered which incorporates meeting basic needs such as feeding, clothing distribution, reunification with families, education assistance and identification and referrals. The task is enormous but together with local Government authorities, media, local NGO’s etc headway is being made into raising awareness of this humanitarian crisis. To date, the lives of a significant amount of children and youth have been touched by the outreach of Life PNG Care and associated partners. The No 1 priority of Life PNG Care is child welfare!

Delivering meals at Christmastime for Street Kids

Kina of Kindness

Kina of Kindness charity collection boxes are placed within business houses and public retail locations in the community to sustain our Family Home Care program which currently provides shelter and accommodation on either a full time or part time basis. This program operates on a simple homestay/refuge basis and provides a home environment for small children and severely vulnerable youth. 100% of proceeds is directed back into the program to sustain the daily overheads required to keep this program operating.

We are grateful to our hosts of the Kina of Kindness boxes which include Big Rooster, Figaro’s Coffee Lounge, Food Station, T3 Media Ltd, National Development Bank, National Airport Corp Ltd, Maybank (PNG) Ltd, Wellness Lodge, Beachside Brasserie Restaurant, SVS, Gold Bowl Restaurant, Donut King, Brumbys Bakery, Bel Cibo Restaurant, New Vision Ltd, Culinerary Delights Catering Services Ltd just to name a few.

Christmas Day 2016
Love in action

Mobile Education

One of 2 locations providing mobile education

Life PNG Care prioritises education as the key to unlocking potential. With a small team of educators, a mobile bus is able to transport all the materials to 2 locations in Port Moresby, providing reliable and effective basic literacy and numeracy 5 days per week. School is on everyday except when it rains for obvious reasons! Striving towards the goal of making this program move from a two year pilot to a sustainable initiative. Working together LPC realises its mandate of building a stronger community.

Community Health Talk

Community Health Talk is an initiative which engages community health workers together with the team of Life PNG Care providing basic education on hygiene, nutrition and life and living skills. These talks benefit residents of local settlements, dump sites and remote villages. We endeavour to provide basic education about diseases such as TB, Malaria, Typhoid, HIV/Aids etc.

Donations of Clothing and Food

The mandate of Life PNG Care is just to simply care! To be helping to alleviate the daily burdens faced by the poor and needy – in this case all donations of food and clothing received through the organisation is distributed to the most needy adults and children in the community. Free secondhand clothing began when Life PNG Care partnered with PNG Recycled Clothing Company in Port Moresby in 2012. We are grateful for partners such as these who help us to navigate the issue currently being faced.

Strongim Pikinini Education Program

This initiative was introduced in 2015 to help give equal opportunity for education to underprivileged children and youth. This program consists of student identification, assessment and registration and runs on a year to year basis. Educational funds relief is provided for the year and ongoing monitoring of their progress and attendance in conjunction with the school and teachers is imperative to the success of this program. Each child is on the ‘radar’ of Strongim Pikinini Education Program and can be offered mentoring or counseling as required – this is a unique feature because each student has access to individualised advocacy. The success of this program is only possible through the valuable financial support of local corporates and business houses. The first year of operation saw 75 children helped into the public education system and will continue to grow in strength and numbers as resource is made available.

Just a few of 100s of kids in various education settings sponsored by LPC

Kids Reaching Kids

Kids reaching Kids was created to engage the members of our Family Home Care program in community outreach activities for themselves. Together with supervising adults, kids who are benefiting from Life PNG Care occasionally visit:

Our youth run care teams prepare food, clothing and gifts for distribution. This project is especially effective because it helps children learn confidence, develop a sense of compassion and service, example leadership to their peers and genuinely understand the concept of "paying it forward"!


Kilo of Kindness

Kilo of Kindness is a Christmas program launched in 2014 which appeals to the local business community and individuals receiving donations of food items in support of the poor and needy children and their families at Christmas time. Items donated and packed are distributed to homeless street kids, hospitalised children and children of the Cheshire Disabled Children’s Home. Kilo of Kindness is not just about handing out food and presents but leading by example social responsibility and generosity to the community and the youth involved.